Executive Members

Our executive members are made up of the following to maintain a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

Honorary Members (4 Positions)

Laura Hoult (Local Publican) – Chair

Neil McHugh (Resident) Vice-Chair

Anne Collier (Voluntary Groups) – Secretary

Jane Lennie STT Treasurer

Jane Lennie (Resident) Treasurer

Public Sector Bodies Members

Cllr Christine Radford (LCC)

Cllr Robin Popley (STC)

Cllr Leigh Harper-Davies (CBC)

Cllr Joe Hurd (STC)

Richard Bailey (CBC)

Executive Members (8 seats)

Bill Beddington (Resident)

Myriam Roberts (Resident)

Philip Hutchinson (Resident)

Robert Ewing (Resident)

Peter Grainger (Local Business)

Roger Haycock (Resident)

Contact link via [email protected]