About Us

Shepshed Town Team Partnership was formed in late 2012 to act as a reference group for the Shepshed Town CentreMaster Planproject. Tasked to play a pivotal role going forward, guiding and directing the regeneration process, creating opportunities for investment and ensuring Shepshed makes the most of its assets.

In 2016 Shepshed Town Team Partnership became a constituted organisation which allowed us to apply for grants and funds to facilitate the improvement of Shepshed Town Centre in line with the Masterplan vision.

Shepshed Town Team is a not for profit partnership of businesses, retailers, landlords, residents and community groups working with public sector bodies as a vehicle for co-ordinating action to improve the vitality and viability of the town centre and provide a basis for bidding into funding streams to spend on delivering the vision for the area.

We have a Constitution that allows members and stakeholders to meet regularly to discuss ways forward to deliver positive outcomes.

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